Chapter One

The University of Doom:

The Center for Evil Genius Academia and Mad Science

Ludimus Deus

a novel

It’s the perfect home for young Alfonso Frankenstein, a teenager who wants only to be a mad scientist like his father, Dr. Eugino Frankenstein, and continue the family legacy of reanimating undead flesh and creating zombies.

All seems perfect until the family nemesis, Professor James Moriarty, masterminds a scheme that gets the Frankensteins banished from the university. Alfonso and his father settle in a dreary suburban neighborhood where they try to adjust to life as normal people. Though he considers himself a super genius, Alfonso becomes confused and thoroughly demoralized by middle school and the humiliations inflicted by a local bully. And worse, he learns Moriarty has new plans to destroy the Frankenstein reputation.

Alfonso must defy his father’s warnings against using forbidden knowledge so he can return to the University of Doom and stop Moriarty. He enlists his new best friend, Sarah Baker, to help him break onto the university campus. While the university was once his home, Alfonso is now an outsider and he and Sarah must out-fight and out-smart a gauntlet of vicious mutants and robots. It’s a race against monsters and time that could bring the end of the Frankensteins.

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